Saddleback farm was formerly Fuller Farm and belonged to the Fuller family, who were early settlers of the Lake Moraine area. According to property deeds, the Fullers owned the property from the early 1800’s until 1956 when they sold most of the farm land to the American Management Association and Larry Appley.

Mr. Appley named the farm “Saddleback Farm” because one of the hillsides is shaped like a saddle. The farm bred and raised Morgan horses until the late 1980’s, and is still well known around the country for the exceptional quality of Morgan horses.

The farm had been vacant for a couple of years when Valerie and Jim first looked at it in the summer of 2001. Prior, the farm had unfortunately deteriorated for several years while under lease. Valerie and Jim decided to restore the farm back to its original glory and operate a horse boarding facility. Family and friends played a large part in rebuilding, restoring, and making additions to the farm.

Saddleback is currently a family-run business and provides daily care for approximately 30 horses year round. During Morrisville College’s breeding season, Saddleback also cares for up to 20 mares and foals. In late summer, Saddleback prepares yearlings for the annual sale at Morrisville College. In addition to hosting the Colgate Equestrian Team, Saddleback sponsors a 4-H club of about 20 members. They hold biweekly meetings at the farm, and are able to enjoy hands on learning.